Team Overview

Talent to Solve Any Project Challenge

Our team at EZ Demolitions is made up of individuals who specialize in their area of expertise. From our equipment operators and project managers to our estimators and executive team, each of us has a job to perform and we are all responsible for our company’s success.

We hire a diverse team of experts to self-perform the majority of work on all our projects. Our team is structured so that communication between the office and field is streamlined and accurate. This helps us avoid unnecessary delays and guarantee the accuracy of the services we provide.

Our Culture

Stronger Together

We’re a tight-knit bunch. As a growing company, we work to create an environment that builds positive relationships and supports every one of our team members in their personal and professional development.


A team without diversity is limited in its ability to accomplish its goals. We hire individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to strengthen our capabilities.


Diversity is meaningless without an environment that is inclusive of every team member. Our priority is ensuring every employee feels welcomed and appreciated.


In our line of work, success depends on the efforts of all team members. We’re a company of individuals who work together to accomplish our collective goals.


As team members at EZ Demolitions, we hold each other accountable and expect others to hold us accountable as well—no excuses, and no exceptions.


As the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. We’re constantly looking for new methods and approaches to work safer and more efficiently.


Most challenges in our line of work can be addressed simply through communication—either internally with our employees, or on the job with our clients and customers.

The professionalism at EZ Demolitions paired perfectly with their personalism, as the President and Business Manager, Clovis Restrepo, the Vice President, John Aguirre, as well as the Chief Estimator and Project Manager James Lumbley were always ready to hear our questions or concerns and did not delay with an answer or solution.

— James Gonzalez, Project Manager with Archer Western

Our Team

A Company of Leaders

EZ Demolitions is made up of experts in all areas of project delivery, from our equipment operators and project managers to our estimators and executive team.

Clovis Restrepo

President/Business Development

John Aguirre

John Aguirre

Vice President/Director of Operations


There's A Place For You

EZ Demolition offers the chance to build a meaningful, fulfilling career with people who treat each other like family. Besides a complete list of employee and family benefits, paid vacation, and retirement savings, we provide a home to develop your skills and grow your value in the construction industry.

There are opportunities at every level of our company. We’ll meet you wherever you are in your career and work with you to move in the direction you want to go.

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