Asbestos Abatement Services

A Full-Service Asbestos Abatement Contractor

EZ Demolitions is a fully certified asbestos abatement contractor serving Houston, TX and surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive services for the treatment and removal of asbestos in commercial and industrial settings. Our work is guaranteed to be performed safely and efficiently according to all industry standards and regulations, so that developers can move forward with their projects and remain ahead of schedule.

Every member of our asbestos removal team is trained and certified to perform this highly regulated work. We’re experienced in the process and have earned the trust of surveyors, inspectors, and architects involved in asbestos removal regulations in our area. We’ve earned a reputation for thoroughness and efficiency by delivering hundreds of abatement contracts throughout Houston, TX and beyond.


Asbestos Abatement Services

EZ Demolitions self-performs a complete range of asbestos abatement services to deliver our clients’ project needs from start to finish.


Containment is the first step of asbestos abatement and requires specific methods of sealing an area where asbestos has been identified. EZ Demolitions will guarantee containment is approved on first inspection to ensure swift progress towards removal.


Asbestos removal is highly regulated, requiring the use of multiple removal bags of a specific type, secured and logged according to specific protocol prior to disposal. As an experienced asbestos abatement contractor, EZ Demolitions guarantees it’s done correctly.

Assessment & Consultation

EZ Demolitions has established a reputation as one of the Houston area’s experts in asbestos abatement and removal. Our teams are more than willing to provide assessment and consultation services to help determine the scale of removal needed.

Project Estimation

EZ Demolitions provides estimating services for asbestos abatement projects of varying sizes and scopes. We’ll work with partners before projects begin to provide accurate estimates for our services and, if needed, identify opportunities to meet budget requirements.

Sample & Testing

While a third-party agency is required for testing for asbestos, EZ Demolitions can assist with sampling and submittal to determine if asbestos is present in a demolition project site. We are familiar with the process and can help save time at this early stage of a project.

Material Disposal

Disposal of asbestos is a complex process, requiring identification and documentation of all removed samples by both the contractor and the disposal facility. EZ Demolitions will ensure this is done correctly to protect a project owner in the event of an audit after completion.

They were able to meet and exceed expectations for all the projects we have partnered on, being sure to finish on or ahead of schedule, while following all safety and compliance rules and regulations. I highly recommend EZ Demolitions for all your demolition, abatement and earthwork needs.

— Larry Counce, President of Brownstone Construction


What Sets Our Asbestos Abatement Services Apart

EZ Demolitions is a true turnkey asbestos abatement contractor, specializing in all aspects of industrial, commercial, and public infrastructure demolition work.

Our company is set apart by our commitment to providing comprehensive services and meeting all regulatory requirements for projects ranging from entire commercial buildings to contained areas.

  • Every member of our asbestos abatement team is fully certified to perform their work.
  • We have built a reputation for providing thorough, comprehensive abatement services.
  • Our commitment to safety includes our team members, project partners, and the public.
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Asbestos Abatement Markets

Texas Markets We Serve

EZ Demolitions performs asbestos abatement services in the commercial, industrial, and public markets throughout Houston, TX. Each of these markets has its own unique challenges and requirements. We draw on years of experience and regulatory knowledge to provide outstanding service to project owners.

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Training & Qualifications

Safety Certified

Every member of our team is trained to safely perform a complete range of demolition services. Additionally, we employ our own safety managers in-house and require all foremen and above to complete OSHA 10 certification.

EZ Demolitions projects

Examples of Our Work

Our team has completed hundreds of asbestos abatement projects in the Houston and surrounding areas. In every situation, we’ve customized our approach for the greatest value to our clients.

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If you are a developer or general contractor in need of demolition, asbestos abatement, sitework, or land clearing services, EZ Demolitions can help. Contact our team to start the process.

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