Safety at EZ Demolitions

Safety Starts With Us

The safety of our employees, other subcontractors, and the neighborhoods near our project sites is our top priority at EZ Demolitions.

We thoroughly train our personnel in the most recent protocols, make use of the appropriate PPE, and thoroughly review projects before getting to work.

  • To adequately reduce safety concerns, all of our staff are trained and certified in heavy construction and demolition.
  • We offer all suitable personal protective equipment, including asbestos abatement, for high-risk areas.
  • By conducting in-depth reviews of all projects and job locations, we address safety issues before they become hazards.
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Asbestos Abatement

Certified for the Safest Abatement Practices

Asbestos should only be handled, removed, and disposed of by trained personnel. If handled improperly, the fibers of asbestos could become airborne, and if breathed they can become stuck in the heart, lungs, or abdomen and result in diseases including asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. There are hundreds of buildings in Houston containing asbestos and can only be demolished by certified teams.

EZ Demolitions is an asbestos abatement professional, fully trained to deal with this hazardous material safely. Our team members are fully certified and knowledgeable in asbestos protocol to ensure its safe removal.

Safety Practices

How We Work Safe

Safety on the job is no accident. At EZ Demolitions, we implement a number of fundamental practices to ensure safety on every project, regardless of the scope or manner of operations involved.


Safety Training

All EZ Demolitions employees are fully trained and certified in all areas of demolition and heavy construction to properly mitigate safety risks. Employees do not step foot on a jobsite until they have undergone complete safety training.


Industry Certification

From basic OSHA-10 certification to earning certificates in more advanced and specialized areas of operation, we adhere to all industry standards of safety to stay up-to-date and qualified for the types of projects we take on.



A strong safety culture is dependent on accountability at every level. In the unlikely and rare event of an incident, we conduct a full review of the activities leading to it. If an EZ Demolitions team member is at fault, we own up to it and take steps to prevent it in the future.


Safety Planning

Safety starts with proper planning. That’s why we thoroughly review and assess every project for safety risks and hazards. By identifying them early on, we’re able to take steps to eliminate the risks before stepping foot onto a job site.

Each laborer was able to obtain a badge for the job with ease and was just as aware of safety protocols as they were talented. This expertise on site was matched by that in their offices and the job was successfully completed, meeting compliance, budget and all ahead of schedule.

— James Gonzalez, Project Manager with Archer Western

Safety Partners

Working Safely Together

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