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A Full-Service Sitework & Development Contractor

EZ Demolitions provides sitework & development services throughout Houston, TX and surrounding areas. We provide quality services to prepare project sites for construction, starting with land clearing and including mass excavation, rough and finish grading, storm drain utility installation, and curb and gutter. From start to finish, our team of professionals bring a comprehensive understanding of every stage of development.

We’ve partnered with many of the leading general contractors and developers in our area to prepare high-profile commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects. We’re excited to continue expanding this division of our operations by partnering with quality-focused contractors on projects that bring value to our community.


Sitework & Development Subservices

EZ Demolitions self-performs a complete range of sitework and development services to deliver our clients’ project needs from start to finish.

Mass Excavation

Our teams are experienced in mass excavation and have the tools and equipment needed to take on large-scale site development projects. Our past work includes commercial, industrial, and large-scale residential projects throughout the Houston, TX area.

Rough Grading

We provide rough grading services on commercial, industrial, and large-scale residential projects using state-of-the-art machinery owned and operated by EZ Demolitions. We outfit our grading equipment with GPS units to meet exact design specifications.

Final Grading

Once rough grading is completed, we’ll perform final grading services to finalize the project area for paving. Our teams are efficient and highly skilled to complete this important project phase to the exact design specifications and ensure a quality finished product.

Project Estimation

EZ Demolitions provides estimating services for sitework and development projects of varying sizes and scopes. We’ll work with partners before projects begin to provide accurate estimates for our services and identify opportunities to meet budget requirements.

Storm Drain & Utilities

Our teams are experienced in the installation of storm drain utilities on commercial, industrial, and public sitework projects. Our teams will ensure quality installation to reduce run-off and ensure proper drainage on the project site.

Curb & Gutter

EZ Demolitions bids complete sitework and development projects including curb and gutter installation. We’ve formed partnerships with trusted subcontractors who share our commitment to overall quality and schedule their services when needed in a project timeline.

Not only did [EZ Demolitions] meet the requirements of their contract, they were able to assist us with locating and removing the legacy utilities, and handled all of the respective permitting requirements. This conduct not only speaks for their laborer’s talent and flexibility, but that of the company in its entirety.

— Bob Bass, Vice President of Bass Construction


What Sets Our Sitework Services Apart

EZ Demolitions provides comprehensive services to prepare commercial, industrial, large-scale residential, and public infrastructure sites for construction.

Our company is set apart by our commitment to quality of services, efficiency of process, and the safety of our team members and partners. We work closely with our partners to guarantee a successful end result.

  • Our team evaluates the project goals to engineer means of saving cost and speeding completion.
  • We communicate with project owners to set clear expectations and hold our teams accountable.
  • Our state-of-the-art heavy equipment fleet allows us to perform multiple projects effectively.
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Sitework & Development Markets

Texas Markets We Serve

EZ Demolitions performs sitework and development services in the commercial, industrial, and public markets throughout Houston, TX. Each of these markets has its own unique challenges and requirements. We draw on years of experience and regulatory knowledge to provide outstanding service to project owners.



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Large-Scale Residential

Training & Qualifications

Safety Certified

Every member of our team is trained to safely perform a complete range of demolition services. Additionally, we employ our own safety managers in-house and require all foremen and above to complete OSHA 10 certification.

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If you are a developer or general contractor in need of demolition, asbestos abatement, sitework, or land clearing services, EZ Demolitions can help. Contact our team to start the process.

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