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A Full-Service Demolition Contractor in Houston

EZ Demolitions is an experienced contractor, capable of performing all aspects of demolition including structural dismantlement, site clearance, environmental remediation, salvage, recycling, and industrial recovery. We own a large fleet of state-of-the-art heavy equipment to self-perform even the most challenging demolition projects from start to finish, and our professional team is trained to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety.

We work with city, state, county, and federal entities to quickly and safely complete demolition jobs in multiple markets throughout the Houston, TX area. Our projects range from interior demolition of commercial buildings to complete teardown and removal of industrial buildings. We use advanced engineering methods to perform our work safely and efficiently to ensure our client’s projects stay on schedule.


Turnkey Demolition Services

EZ Demolitions self-performs a complete range of demolition services to deliver our clients’ project needs from start to finish.

Permit Obtainment

Obtaining demolition permits is a time-intensive process and requires a thorough understanding of all requirements. EZ Demolitions works with our partners to expedite the process by making sure all permit forms are completed correctly and secured.

Hazardous Material Removal

When performing demolition projects, EZ Demolitions will remove most hazardous materials that may be present on-site. These materials include asbestos, as well as fuel and chemical storage tanks, septic tanks, and various household items.

Recycling & Salvaging

EZ Demolitions will remove and deliver materials for recycling and salvaging, including concrete and asphalt, metals (steel, aluminum, copper), and reusable commercial construction materials like prefabricated beams, doors, and appliances.

LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is a green building certification program intended to improve energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions. EZ Demolitions provides LEED services including recycling reports and certification assistance.

Project Estimating

EZ Demolitions provides estimating services for demolitions projects of varying sizes and scopes. We’ll work with partners before projects begin to provide accurate estimates for our services and, if needed, identify opportunities to meet budget requirements.

Utility Disconnect

Demolition projects often require disconnection of sensitive utilities including gas, electrical, and water. EZ Demolitions is experienced and certified to safely disconnect public utility lines before the start of demolition to meet regulatory requirements.

It is always a privilege of ours to work with a small minority company in our community, especially one with a work ethic and devotion to the construction industry like
EZ Demolitions, which is one of the reasons we awarded them a second contract in Galveston, at the County Courthouse.

— Sidhesh Kakodkar, Vice President of Durotech Construction


What Sets Our Demolition Services Apart

EZ Demolitions is a turnkey demolitions contractor, specializing in all aspects of industrial, commercial, and public infrastructure demolition work.

Our services are set apart by our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions to the challenges commonly associated with complex infrastructure and development projects to reduce costs and keep our clients’ projects on schedule.

  • Our heavy equipment fleet consists of more than XX pieces of state-of-the-art machinery.
  • We use advanced engineering software to provide the most accurate project estimates.
  • Our commitment to safety includes our team members, project partners, and the public.
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Houston Markets We Serve

EZ Demolitions performs demolition services in the commercial, industrial, and public markets throughout Houston, TX. Each of these markets has its own unique challenges and requirements. We draw on years of experience and regulatory knowledge to provide outstanding service to project owners.

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Training & Qualifications

Safety Certified

Every member of our team is trained to safely perform a complete range of demolition services. Additionally, we employ our own safety managers in-house and require all foremen and above to complete OSHA 10 certification.

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