Project Details

EZ Demolitions performed a complete conversion of a 20-story office building to a new high-end residential apartment building. The project featured a complete gut of all 20 stories, leaving only the shell of the exterior walls.

In addition to the demolition work, our teams were also tasked with removing high quantities of spray-on asbestos, one of the most challenging forms of asbestos. The removal process involved building a large containment area in each floor then manually scraping the material from the ceiling, while taking measures to limit air exposure. The building also contained asbestos in the walls, floors, pipes and ductwork, which EZ Demolitions safely removed.

After the abatement process was complete, demolition began. However, because the building was partially occupied, our teams worked within noise restrictions. More than 150 tons of material were removed from each floor while only using one service elevator because the other eight elevators were off limits and could not hold the capacity of the weight. We had to fit all 150+ tons of material into buggies to haul down to the dumpsters and lift them with a mini excavator that we had on site.

The highly challenging nature of this project due to environmental restrictions made it perfectly suited to the expertise of EZ Demolitions. Our teams delivered the work to the client’s full satisfaction with limited impact to tenants occupying the building, while maintaining the strictest safety and quality standards.

Services Provided

Asbestos Abatement, Demolition


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Our team here at EZ Demolition has completed hundreds of demolition, land clearing, and sitework projects in the Houston area, each challenging in its own way. In every situation, we’ve customized our approach for the greatest value to our clients.